‘Dil Ki Nazar Se … Khoobsurat’ – Review


Along with the intense, Saraswatichandra, the 7:30 pm slot  on the idiot box marked the premiere of another love story with a twist, Dil Ki Nazar Se… Khoobsurat. Starring Soumya Seth, Rohit Khuranna and Abhishek Mallik, Khoobsurat is a tale of love, friendship and inhibitions.

The premiere episode began when the three protagonists Aaradhya (Seth), Madhav (Khuranna) and Rahul (Mallik) were preschoolers, rehearsing for a school play, The Frog Prince. Most of the episode was spent on the play where we are introduced to the three lead characters. We find out that Aaradhya, the “princess”, is scared of people with disturbing marks or scars on people’s faces. And on the other hand, we see Rahul and Madhav, who are best pals but with personalities that are poles apart. While Madhav the under confident boy with unpleasing scars on his face and who dreams of becoming a prince, Rahul is the charming young fellow who is the super-star of the class which is oddly something he doesn’t care about.

A failed attempt by Rahul to give his friend the spot light puts Madhav in an embarrassing situation where he’s mocked by Aaradhya and an auditorium full of people. Safe to assume, this leaves a scar on his mind. Though Rahul gives Aaradhya a taste of her own medicine, the kind hearted Madhav, forgives her and apologizes on behalf of Rahul.

Something tells me that this story is vaguely inspired by ‘Mujhse Dosti Karoge’ meets ‘Beauty and the Beast’ but with the genders switched. We have a gorgeous girl, and two best friends: One’s unconventionally looking but a diehard romantic while the second’s handsome, charming and the opposite of a book worm. Sound familiar?

Before Colors TV, Sony held the title for trying out innovative concepts, and I think they are determined to get that back. We’re talking about a guy’s inhibitions on an Indian soap. The concept of unconventional appearance has always fallen on the shoulders of Indian women, but now we’re going to hear the guy’s side of the story! And we might be able to catch some bromance as well, between Madhav and Rahul.

Even though the screenplay was slow, the young kids were just so amusing that there was a moment when I almost wished that the part with the kids could continue for a few more episodes. Sigh…

Also, it was unfortunate that we couldn’t catch much of Soumya Seth. But the few moments that she was on screen, it became quite evident as to why the channel made this casting call. Soumya has a diva-next-door like personality and vibe, which the character Aaradhya needs. Couldn’t think of anyone else who could play the girl-next-door with a princess twist so convincingly.

Soumya nailed it as Aaradhya, will Rohit Khuranna and Abhishek Mallik steal the show from here on? Only one way to find out!

Watch ‘Dil Ki Nazar Se… Khoobsurat’ on SONY, weekdays at 7:30 pm.

Photo Credit: SONY Entertainment Television

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